Poem A Mothers Note

A note from a mother to all mothers and all children, sons and daughters who are kept in slaery from the state or federal government. Court appointed attorneys, guardians ad litems, Commissioners and judges, I forgive you for what you do.

This is what a mother says to her children. Her pains, her sorrows and all that she is going through. What they don’t know, what you do not know. You are not in her shoes and know nothing about what she is going through.

A note from a mother:

My dear sons and daughters,

The day you see I’m getting old.

I ask you to please be patient,

But most of all, try to understand

What I’m going through.


I did not ask to be enslaved,

To lose my rights or autonomy.

I did not ask the government to

tell me where I could go,

with who and when I could

or could not speak.


To keep me from members of my own family or

to dictate what happens to my money, my property.


But the government, the court

Appointed attorneys,

And other officers of the court

Have seen fit to strip me of all

Of my freedom and my property

Without cause or reason

Other then they can.


If when we talk,

I repeat the same thing a thousand

Times, don’t interrupt to say:

“You said the same thing a minute ago.”

Just listen. Please.


Try to remember the times


you were little and I would read

The same story night after night

Until you would fall asleep.


When you see how ignorant

I am when it comes to the courts

To new technology,

Give me time to learn and don’t

Look at me that way.


Remember, my dear ones that I patiently

Taught you how to do many things

Like eating appropriately, getting dressed,

Combing your hair, and dealing with

Life’s issues every day.


The day you see I’m getting old,

Losing my freedom, my abilities

Slowly day by day,

I ask you to please be patient,

But most of all, try to understand

What I’m going through.


When the court orders that I cannot

Be with you just know in your heart

That the most important thing for

Me is to be with you. Even when I

Cannot be with you, I am thinking of

You, loving you, and counting the moments

Until I can be with you once again.


When those days come when we are

Apart because of others with power have

Decided so…don’t feel sad-just think of me

And understand me while I get

To the end of my life with love.



By Raymond P. Gomez Shaw CEO of:

In the Pursuit of Justice Inc.


Copyright © 201 Raymond P. Gomez Shaw.

All rights reserved.

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